How Often Should You Compete?

Does having more competitions under your belt result in more success on the platform? Let’s consider the results of the 2017 Canadian National Champions...

January 16, 2017 Mike MacDonald in Programming

When Sheiko and MyStrengthBook Get Together: 4 Lessons in Powerlifting Programming

The Sheiko training system was designed by Boris Sheiko, a Russian strength coach who is known for producing many world champions and world record holde...

December 6, 2016 Mike MacDonald in Competition Analysis

How Much Stronger Are Equipped Powerlifters? The Analysis to End All Speculation

One of the most controversial topics in powerlifting has always been the battle of classic versus equipped lifting. In the last couple of years, the pow...

October 24, 2016 Mike MacDonald in Competition Analysis

USAPL Raw Powerlifting Nationals: How do your results compare with the biggest competition in history?

We went deep into the results of the USAPL Raw Nationals and found some key trends and insights.  Learn the numbers and attempts that go into the b...

The Math Behind the 2016 IPF Classic World Powerlifting Championships

Take Away Points• Almost 50% of all 3rd attempts were missed (Squat 46%, Bench Press 53%, Deadlift 55%)• The average jump between a lifter’s 1st attempt...

Analyzing Attempt Selection: 2016 USAPL Open Nationals

Did you know? • Almost 50% of all 3rd attempts were missed (46% squat, 47% bench, 62% deadlift)• The average jump between an lifter’s 1st attempt and hi...

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