September 8, 2017 Avi Silverberg in Programming

Plan Better Training Cycles With The New Custom Program Builder

We are extremely excited to bring you the all-new Custom Program Builder as part of MyStrengthBook 2. 0 release. The Custom Program Builder is the first...

August 3, 2017 Avi Silverberg in Programming

The Biggest Problem With RPE Training + 3 Programming Methods When Using RPE

The biggest problem with Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is understanding how to start using RPEs, especially for those that typically use percentages ...

July 4, 2017 Avi Silverberg in Programming

3 Ways to Overload Your Volume

Overload is a key concept in strength. It means that you're doing more of something over a particular time frame (typically a training cycle). In simple ...

July 4, 2017 Avi Silverberg in Programming

Defining Training Volume for Powerlifting

VOLUME is one of the most important metrics you can track in powerlifting. It's commonly referred to as 'how much work ' is done and impacts the amount ...

July 4, 2017 Avi Silverberg in Programming

High Risk Training Metrics: Avoiding Burnout

Volume, while theoretically a simple metric to calculate, does have some intricacies that can cause a powerlifter to make mistakes . Most often, mistakes...

July 4, 2017 Avi Silverberg in Programming

Programming Pro Tip: Think Bigger

By now, you're probably thinking there are unlimited ways to analyze your training. You're right, there are. To not get lost in the weeds and t...

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