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You have serious strength goals.

You want the ability to design multiple training cycles and get long-term insights about your training data. You might be thinking about or already competing in powerlifting.

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You have a desire to understand your training in more detail.

Perhaps you’re seeing progress already, but don’t know the factors that lead to success. You can track your data for a few months to see key training insights.

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You want to track and record daily workouts.

You know your workouts needs to become more specific, and want to start implementing tools to understand what’s working and what’s not.

4 Reasons to get the 12 Month Plan

Collect your long term data and uncover key trends and insights on what works for you and what doesn't based on individual factors.
The more data you track the more reliable it becomes to understand how to design your future workouts and programs.
Analyze multiple competition cycles throughout the year to learn the precise variables that lead to greater performance on the platform.
Track your data from month-to-month and know how hard to push, for how long, and in what ways, in order to recover optimally from training and continue seeing results.

I have a classical Western approach to volume and intensity as it relates to my macro cycle. Ideally I like to program on 12 week blocks - I have found that to be optimal from both a preparation and peaking aspect. The first 6 weeks I focus more heavily on volume, and the last 6 weeks approaching the meet I focus on intensity. As the volume drops, intensity should increase. I believe a massive volume drop (50% or more) should be achieved in the last two weeks to taper appropriately.

Blaine Sumner
World Champion, Biggest Squat, Bench, and Total in IPF History

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